Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is used in the treatment of venous diseases and lymphedema.

The aim of treatment is to maintain a high quality way of life despite an insufficient venous system. The type and extent of treatment depends on the severity of the problem and a doctor should always be consulted.

Gloria medical stockings are prescribed by physicians throughout the world, come in a wide selection of fabrics, styles, sizes, colours and compression ranges.

How does compression work?

Compression therapy works by applying controlled pressure to the surface veins, keeping their diameter small and forcing blood back into the deep vein system which in turn pushes the blood uphill towards the heart. 

Stronger compression is applied at the ankle and decreasing up the leg. Improved blood flow aids in the healing of varicose veins, venous leg ulcer and lymphatic problems.

The Benefit of Gloria Compression Therapy

  • Great for tired, achy legs
  • Helps reduce and prevent swelling
  • Assists with venous return of blood flow
  • Recommended for venous insufficiency and lymphedema
  • Maintaining a good quality way of life