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Ulcerkit® is a therapeutic compression stocking system indicated for leg ulcers, easy to use improves patients’ compliance. Gloria Ulcerkit® can also be used as a normal medical stocking when a certain effort for application is required.

Class 1:
treatment of venous ulcer associated with other compression aids. Chronic venous insufficiency, post phlebitic, post ulcer, after sclerotherapy. Prevention of recidivism. Initial varices during pregnancy.

Class 2/1:
treatment of venous ulcer when a higher ankle compression is required. Stronger action at the ankle and moderate at the calf.

Class 2:
same as class 1 and 1-2, but with a highest compression on the leg, edema.

Do not wear UlcerKit® in presence of severe arterial venous insufficiency. In moderate cases UlcerKit® can be used and in case of pain the stocking can be removed.

UlcerKit® is available in Class 1 and 2. As the system is composed by two separated parts, in case of need of a higher compression near the ankle (where usually the ulcer is located), there is the possibility to combine the lower part in KKl. 2 with the upper part in KKl. 1.

So the range is the following:

• UlcerKit® 20/20:
ankle KKl. 1 - calf KKl. 1
• UlcerKit® 30/20:
ankle KKl. 2 - calf KKl. 1
• UlcerKit® 30/30:
ankle KKl. 2 - calf KKl. 2